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Name: Nicole Schmidt

Born in: Karl-Marx Stadt (Chemnitz) Germany

Live in: Austria, Hall

Languages: German, English, Spanish, French

Occupations: Studies for Physiotherapy, Paragliding-Instructor, -Tandempilot/ Graphic-Designer/ Ski-Snowboard Instructor

Hobbies: Paragliding, Running, Hiking, Traveling, Kitesurf, Snowkiting


About me:

I started flying in 2004  in a small place at the south side of the Sierra Nevada (Las Alpujarras) 3 hours drive from Granada/Spain. Since then flying is my passion! I was flying distance in the beginning, I was even competing a bit and I won the NC Class in 2007!

I started flying in 2004  in a small place on the south side of the Sierra Nevada (Las Alpujarras) 3 hours drive from Granada/Spain. Since then flying became a big part of my life. If I traveled anywhere it was with my paraglider on my back. Not a easy luggage to carry but a perfect way to explore the world differently!

I lived in Spain for 2 years, helping in the flying school to get me into this sport. I moved to Austria/Tyrol finding work as a ski-and snowboard instructor and flying teacher/tandempilot and guide and aside form that I qualified in Media Studies as well!

I started to compete in 2007 as a NC (Newcomer Pilot) in XC competitions in/for Austria! I won this class in this year but my work didn’t allowed me to dive into the XC World! So in 2008 stopped the competitions and concentrated on my studies and my work!

It was an unexpected start into flying ACRObatics in 2009 but everything went extremely well that I found myself competing in the first competition just a year later in Ecuador! I was 2 times 2nd in CIVL-Rankings FAI of the woman-ranking (2011&12) and 1st Synchro-womanteam with Alexandra Grillmayer in 2012!

In 2013 I had a big accident! I could not fly for a long time! But it didn’t put me off from my passion to fly! It was even easier to enjoy a more intense feeling for my flying! That helped me to work on my big goal to learn the king-manoeuvre THE INFINIT! And I managed! Even I broke the female world record with 60 Infinity turns easy in May 2014. I broke it again with 76 turns in autumn! Well if there is hight – lets turn it!

In 2015 I won the World Cup Season! The passion keeps on rolling! Together with my studies I have a good balance and I enjoy flying even more!


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