Niki finds Nici – the new couple

Bloged in AA–HHHH_NEWs by Nicole Samstag Juli 2, 2016

The statement “You will never fly a Niki” is over! Sometimes you have to take me and throw me into cold water to awake me! Well after a long time with U-turn I changed to Icaro!

Since the first flight I loved the wing – easy to fly – a lot of feedback – but never the feeling of loosing control! Even with the size 18 I can fly everything easy! Even it allows me to take time in the connection to play with this moment a bit longer! It is such a nice wing for everybody! If you a pro or a beginner acro pilot!

Thanks Icaro to let me fly your wing! Thanks Aerodynamics for making the glider – and Thanks the rest of the world – I m so happy to fly – so happy to be with my Niki! If you never tried flying – you miss something – but you will never understand until you try :)

first flight – Uhlalalala la la – You have to watch it with sound :) The flying is boring – the talking is better

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