Just-Acro-Boogie-&-Canceled-Acromax & Some-Good-Moments

Bloged in AA–HHHH_NEWs,ACRO COMPETITIONS,ACRO SHOW,Austria by Nicole Donnerstag August 11, 2016

Summertime – Holidays – No Studies – Freedom – Flying – good old/new Friends – Back to Gerlitzen! Xandi and Pal organized a cool event/Acroboogie/ for all acropilots and all people who love acrobatic flying. A good chance to fly safe over water, having fun, meeting good pilots and sharing good moments! The ALL TOGETHER FLIGHT was the most important – 84 pilots we managed for the last day! Nice being part of it! Thanx Xandi, Thanx Pal and all the others who made this happen!

The week after we had some relaxing days in Italy for the 2nd Worldcup in Gemona/Acromax! Unfortunately it was really too windy that the organization had to cancel it!

Again Gerlitzen for some more flying …

Here is the official video – so cool Pal – love it!

Here is another really nice video of the BOOGIE! Thanx Laisch:

Just Acro Link >> for more information

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