Queen of Brenta – Acrobatic World Cup

Bloged in AA–HHHH_NEWs,ACRO COMPETITIONS,ACRO SHOW,Italy by Nicole Samstag Juli 2, 2016

Thanks for the nice competition “KING OF BRENTA”, the first Acro Worldcup of 2016 in Molveno in the heart of the Brenta Dolomites (Italy)! Weatherwise it was difficult again but we got told persistently “The best place for an acropilot is the Take off”! Well! I wish it would be not the take off rather the acrobox where we should be. Never mind! We had a funny time!

Thanks Niki for winning it! Love you!

Niki finds Nici – the new couple

Bloged in AA–HHHH_NEWs by Nicole Samstag Juli 2, 2016

The statement “You will never fly a Niki” is over! Sometimes you have to take me and throw me into cold water to awake me! Well after a long time with U-turn I changed to Icaro!

Since the first flight I loved the wing – easy to fly – a lot of feedback – but never the feeling of loosing control! Even with the size 18 I can fly everything easy! Even it allows me to take time in the connection to play with this moment a bit longer! It is such a nice wing for everybody! If you a pro or a beginner acro pilot!

Thanks Icaro to let me fly your wing! Thanks Aerodynamics for making the glider – and Thanks the rest of the world – I m so happy to fly – so happy to be with my Niki! If you never tried flying – you miss something – but you will never understand until you try :)

first flight – Uhlalalala la la – You have to watch it with sound :) The flying is boring – the talking is better

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