60 infinity turns – record & some nice pics of a wonderful place Ölüdiniz

Bloged in AA–HHHH_NEWs,Turkey by Nicole Donnerstag Mai 15, 2014

Sixties … 60 female Infinity turns from Nicole Schmidt on Vimeo.

Now I am the female world record holder for Infinity!

10 days in the paradise in Turkey, on of my favorite places to fly! Where can life be so easy – flying, swimming in the sea, wonderful sunsets, easy living, nice weather and nice friends – well here in Ölüdeniz! That’s why I come back here after my long winter in France! I mastered to king-manoeuvre THE INFINIT with so many turns! I love this manoeuvre so much that I even flew more than 200 turns in one day! Well, I was tiered after! But it was the best therapy for my coming operation removing the metal of my leg which was just 2 days later!

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