Turkey 2013

Bloged in AA–HHHH_NEWs,Turkey by Nicole Dienstag November 12, 2013

After my slow-mo start this year I decided to spend 3 weeks in the paragliding paradise “Ölüdeniz” to have more time to train! So I went on the 21st october for the air games! Thanks Kadri for inviting me! It was a nice time to fly with friends! After this I spent the next week with my swiss friends and the flying school Robair! I think I fell in love with switzerland. Am I allowed to say that :/ …! The last week, after the season ended, I was nearly alone! But there was always a taxi to babadag and I could fly as much as I wanted! Just 2 days it was not flyable! Too windy! Perfect to relax and go walking and sightseeing! It was needed! 19 days flying of a total of 21! I was lucky and I m soooo happy to be back in the air! I will be back in May!

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