Way to Infinity – Autumn Training Gerlitzen

Bloged in AA–HHHH_NEWs,Austria,Videos by Nicole Freitag September 7, 2012

First turns. Sooooo happy :) AND

some more Synchro-training with Alexandra and some more pics of just flying and having fun here!

Acrowing Tour 2012 – Annecy/France

Bloged in AA–HHHH_NEWs,ACRO COMPETITIONS,France by Nicole Mittwoch September 5, 2012

It was the last competition for this year.


  • 2nd CIVL-Rankings FAI 2012 woman
  • 3rd woman (27th overall) – “APWC SOLO FINAL ACROWINGTOUR 2012″
  • 3rd woman (28th overall) – “APWC SOLO OVERALL RANKING 2012″
  • 6th overall (1st womanteam) – “APWC SYNCHRO FINAL ACROWINGTOUR 2012″
  • 3rd overall – “APWC SYNCHRO OVERALL RANKING 2012″

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