World Cup … Comps are over

Bloged in AA–HHHH_NEWs,ACRO COMPETITIONS by Nicole Dienstag August 30, 2011

First year flying acro competitions and second place world wide … WOW … never thought that … never thought that I learn soooo much … and I am still learning … wait for next year! I will rock the competitions again and now I wanna learn everything! Wanna fly and play with my glider and the air like a bird!

There was “somebody” I met in Chile who dragged me to my first competition in Ecuador. Thank you for this! Wouldn’t be in comps without this “somebody”!

Acro Austria 2011

Bloged in AA–HHHH_NEWs,ACRO COMPETITIONS by Nicole Montag August 29, 2011

Yuhhhuuu 3rd place!

Acroaustria 2011 from xandi meschuh on Vimeo.

Gerlitzen … Gerlitzen … Gerlitzen

Bloged in AA–HHHH_NEWs,Austria,Gerlizten by Nicole Montag August 15, 2011

I don’t know … I think I like this place :)

flying with Horsti ... the real LOCAL HERO of Gerlitzen!

Bild 1 von 2

Acrobatixx 2011

Bloged in AA–HHHH_NEWs,ACRO COMPETITIONS,Austria by Nicole Donnerstag August 11, 2011

Flying above “Zell am See”! Next World Cup! Place 28th! Could go better but what will you do if you are too nervous?!

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