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AcrOludeniz – My first Acro Worldcup

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12th – 15th of May

Through my travels around the world I always thought that my travel to Nepal in May would be not good because of the time. The monsoon is coming in May for sure and all the pilots who where there left already. I wanted to change the dates but finally I didn’t changed any of tickets. I was ready to go on the 19th of April till the 2rd of June. On the airport in Auckland, New Zealand they told me that I can’t go because I don’t have a transit visa for changing flights in India. To get the visa it would take at least again 1 week so my time for Nepal was becoming shorter and shorter. I decided not to go. Instead of Nepal I went home. I thought of going to the Acro World Cup in Öludeniz but when I applied for it the organization told me that I can’t go because they had already too many pilots. :( ! A week before the event took place they changed their minds and told me that I can go. I booked a flight and on the 9th I was on the plane with Daniela, Simi, Xandi, Bernd and Pal flying to Turkey.

We had 2 nice training days with perfect weather. It was a nice experience to fly with all the other world cup pilots. It was soooo much fun, not only the flying ;)

When the competition started the weather changed and we had some rain and not so good flying conditions. The organization tried to arrange at least some training flights and show flights. I didn’t want to fly any show because I m so new in that competition thing. But like it always is if you don’t want to do things … you are running into it straight. So I had my showflight and it was perfect.

The competition runs started on saturday. On Friday we had to wait a long time on the take off. The weather didn’t like us to fly competition. But well we did our 3 runs till sunday and we had a nice final run. I had to start pretty early the last day because they start the runs with the not so successful pilots. So I had time and tranquility to watch all the other final runs after my flight.

I got to know so many nice people, had so much fun, good parties and learned a lot. Well it was worth not going to Nepal! In the end I was 32rd overall and 4th woman. It was an interesting experience and I will do it again and try to improve.

No Nepal!

Bloged in AA–HHHH_NEWs,New Zealand,Turkey by Nicole Freitag Mai 20, 2011

I went to the airport on the 19th of April to take my flight to Nepal. I would change my plane in Brisbane, Mumbai, Dehli and finally arrive in Nepal 2 days later! NO – was the answer of the Check-in Lady! What, why not – excuse me??!!! Hard shock! You need a transit visa for changing flights in India! I didn’t have any visa for India. Nobody told me anything about this kind of visa. Well! What’s next? It’s like somebody pulls away the ground underneath your feet. HAAAA!!!! Well – I am used to fall off the sky so after hours of chaos I decided to leave Nepal for another time and booked my flight home! It was not a good time to travel to Nepal anyway – far too late! Well – there is a Acro Worldcup Competition in Turkey! Let’s go to Turkey for some competition. In the beginning they told me that the competition is full but a week before the event took place the organization told me that I could go. Well – Turkey then!

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