8th place – Acrolatino

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First day competition
I was soooo nervous. 2 runs to go. The problem I had was just “the landing”. By mistake I landed on the island the first time and my glider stayed dry. The second run … fuck … in the water! Yuhhh … that’s a strange feeling! Well I survived! My stuff is still wet, but well tomorrow it will be wet again. It’s so much fun here. And the water is not cold! It’s such a nice atmosphere in Ecuador. I do manovures I never did before. Just because you should do it and it works well. Just the one I know don’t work so well. Maybe it’s the altitude of only 500m and the hight. Ibarra lies on 2200 and the take off on 2700m. That makes a change … somehow! Well … that’s competition. I like it! Tomorrow ground spiral … if you go into the water anyway! I have to do it! It’s fun!


In the morning it didn’t look like flying. It was pouring down rain. Well weather changes chick close to the ecuador in Ecuador … and we went to the competition after nice breakfast with tea aromatico (bad tummy … the second time :( ). The third run didn’t went so well but at least I stayed dry and landed on the island!

In the afternoon we went all to pisina caliente. Hot water swimmingpools. So nice. You could stay in there till you start becoming  froghands or whatever. Finally swimming in warm water without the glider. Whatelse could you wish? Great!


Last day best! Had a really good run with my helico, my wing overs and my dynamic fullstall. I was happy! Reached the isla nearly. So my glider stayed more or less dry! Just my harness got wet again! Well! The only sad thing of the day was the accident of  Francois. At least he is more or less fine now and I hope he can go back to France soon to recover. Had a nice time with my french friends even if I didn’t understand all of what they said!

At night good party en casa de Pedro! Muchas caipis!

En fin, 8. en Acrolatino! I can live with it! Nice time in Ecuador. I will go tomorrow to Quito … again with my french friends and on thusday I will take 4 plains to Tacna and back to the flypark in Iquique.

Ecuador – first tumbling

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Arrived in Ecuador after, don’t tell me I am stupid … I know … but … more than 36 h travel by bus, plain, bus, taxi … without sleep, with a lot of waiting on airports (it’s better not to wait more than 8h on Tacna airport … there is nothing) … Well I arrived finally!

Today did my first fights in Ecuador. First flight … first tumbling! Easy! I like it! But … even my helicos didn’t work at all! Well tomorrow! Will be fun! Sorry I forgot my camera today! Tomorrow I will try to get some fotos … maybe my first swimm with my “Little One” in the lake … NO … not maybe … for sure!

Bus Iquique to Tacna

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Why is the world so beautiful. It’s always worth it to go by bus here. Again I took to many pictures on the bus from Iquique to Tacna. Well if I can’t fly I need to do something else. At least I had some hours  to prepare my fotos. I don’t tell how many hours … you would call me crazy … but who knows about 2h time difference between Chile and Peru????? I do now. Well now I sitting here in Lima at the airport the whole night waiting for my plain to Ecuador. It is not too bad. I enjoy the faster internet connection here.  Tomorrow afternoon I will be in Ecuador. What a change to Iquique.

Plans changed

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… I am still in Iquique. It is such a good place to practice my little known Acroflying. You can stay in the air for hours training … training … training. I don’t know a better place to fly. That’s why I am still here. Well … plans changed! I heard about the Acrolatino competition and somebody asked me to come. Well … I tried to find a cheap flight (thanx Konstanze) and so here I am on my way to Equador on the 22th of November for a week. Will be good to clean my glider a bit … it looks really sandy at the moment. After that … I don’t know. But this is life. Just be ready for a change and take the chance.

Maybe I can manage to get some nice pictures these days. There is somebody who’s looking for nice models. Here I am! Now it’s just at the time to find the right spot and the right time. We will see.

There are some new pictures. You have to look at the the pictures of Iquique.

Finally – bustrip Santiago – Iquique

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After 5 days trying to upload my fotos it finally worked …


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… it took me some days to upload the fotos … there are more coming soon!

Sorry … Iquique … no pictures yet!!!

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I took the bus (24h drive) from Santiago to Iquique. I took many fotos on my way! The countryside is so different … lonley … desertlike … but really beautiful! At nighttime I saw so many stars in a really clear sky. It looks so different. You think you are in another world. I have no idea about the stars from the southern hemisphere but I hope I will learn something about it in San Pedro de Atacama.

Iquique is a wonderful place to fly! Had really good flights so far. Did my first helicopters here. The optic is amazing with all the sand. Flying is great. In Palo Buque you can launch without any height and it takes you really high. It’s the best playground ever. You can practice as much as you can stand … Heli, Sat, Sat to Heli … well … whatever … till sun goes down. The morning flights are nearly the same. You get some hight in quite moving air … got it … you fly out and do whatever you want … finished … you fly back to the mountain and you get some hight again. This game you can play as long as you want or stand. It’s fantasic for practice! Well … sorry the upload of the fotos doen’t work well. I tried and tried and tried. The connection is bad. But I will continue trying! Promised! As long as you wait for the pictures I will continue practicing!

31.10. and 1.11. Maitencillo and Las Vizcachas

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I have to write in English because some people were complaining who don’t understand German.

On sunday I went to Las Vizcachas for flying. I met Jorge there. We did just one flight. The conditions were not good and we decides to go to the beach to Maitencillo. Well it was an 2 hours drive and when we arrived there it was not flyable. Bad luck! Well but the place was nice. First time I saw the Pacific ocean.

Next day I decided to go straigth to Iquique but I just couldn’t  book a bus for the same day. So I decided to go flying again in Las Vizcachas. First time I got some height above takeoff but not enough height. But it was a nice day spending with nice people from the region.Well maybe when I come back here in January I can make the height for “falling off nicely”.

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