South America – Brasil x Chile x Argentina 2014

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6 weeks of holiday on the other side of the world! Love this! Went to see a good friend in Sao Paulo! Both, we went south (Barra de Ibiraquera) for a week of holiday! I went to learn how to kite surf! Really nice people and nice place where we were! Just like normal holidays! Hotel on the beach, relaxing, swimming, stand-up paddling, talking – just nice! UNTIL I got the news from the university that I received one of the rare places to study physiotherapy! WOW – that changed my life!

After 10 days in Brasil I went to “GOOD OLD” Iquique! I spent more than 3 weeks there! Nearly 4! If you ask me – too much if you just stay there! It was so nice to fly there again but I missed the adventure a bit like what I did the years before! I didn’t go to see Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia or Argentina form there! I just stayed and flew every single day! I had really good moments! Moments where you are “JUST RIGHT IN TIME” to be on the right spot! Perfect! I wanted to make a Infinit Tumble wherever I went and I could! It was my INFINIT year and I enjoyed it sometimes even nearly too long! But well, there is always a bit LUCK involved while you are “enjoying” or “not enjoying” life! Whatever! It was a good time in the end!

I finished my trip in Argentina. I went to Buenos Aires! Wow! For me it is like Paris of South America! It is great! Don’t know why they have a crisis because I did the best shopping ever there! … thanks Julie for your patience and your selling skills!

Iquique – Chile 2011

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Nice video:  
“Jean-Baptiste Chandelier”


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Such a relaxed day … till somebody said “Vamos a volar!” Ok … ähhhhhhh … I will be there in … a minute!!! AHHHH … Metro … y … VOLANDO a Huechuraba with Juan! Nice place … even for some little acro!

Sorry the pics from Mendoza will come later … maybe tomorrow!

Chile – last pics from Iquique

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I managed to escape the “black hole” in Iquique. Weather was interesting … we had 3 days of sandstorms, tough dust devil hopping flights in Palo Buque or north rotor flying in Alto Hospicio. Well! Still good! After my 36h bus ride down to Argentinia to Mendoza and back 2 days later I arrived in Santiago again. It is so nice now! Everything is green! Can’t be bothered with Las Viscachas today! Just relax! There is something else than flying … somebody was telling me :) ! The sun is shining, it is warm outside, the hostel is perfect …
Ok here you can enjoy my last pics from Chile …

Chile Video

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Escaped from Iquique for 2 days having fun 200km far north in Pisaqua. We stayed overnight with a nice barbecue and sleeping on the beach. My “little one” is such a nice and cosy sleeping bag. We really love each other. Flying was good, people were nice, drinks were too much (like always), empanadas were delicious … perfect days!

San Pedro de Atacama

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I needed time off of flying! Can somebody believe this? Well I escaped my nealy-burn-out by going somewhere without my glider! The “little one” had to stay in Iquique while I was leaving to San Pedro.

I went horse riding twice … I love it! Not only the horse riding! The landscape is amazing! Well look at the pics … maybe you understand!

After two days in San Pedro I went to Bolivia! … Now I am back in San Pedro! Went to watch the stars last night with Alain. It was too good!

Some more nice sandy pictures

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x-country attempts over Iquique

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I am not good at it!!!!! Once landed in the city :( … I stay with Acro flying! That’s working better!!!!!

Iquique Part 2

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Back to Iquique! Life is normal! Some training in the morning, some in the evening! Always flying! That’s life here! The weather could be a bit better! It’s always flyable but it could be a bit more easy to climb and a bit more smooth in the BOX! Well!

On the 17th at night I have my busticket to San Pedro de Atacama. I try to go to Bolivia, try to see the stars and maybe I will climb a “little” vulcan! That’s the plan! I will see how it works!

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