South America – Brasil x Chile x Argentina 2014

Bloged in AA–HHHH_NEWs,Argentina,Brasil,Chile by Nicole Montag Mai 25, 2015

6 weeks of holiday on the other side of the world! Love this! Went to see a good friend in Sao Paulo! Both, we went south (Barra de Ibiraquera) for a week of holiday! I went to learn how to kite surf! Really nice people and nice place where we were! Just like normal holidays! Hotel on the beach, relaxing, swimming, stand-up paddling, talking – just nice! UNTIL I got the news from the university that I received one of the rare places to study physiotherapy! WOW – that changed my life!

After 10 days in Brasil I went to “GOOD OLD” Iquique! I spent more than 3 weeks there! Nearly 4! If you ask me – too much if you just stay there! It was so nice to fly there again but I missed the adventure a bit like what I did the years before! I didn’t go to see Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia or Argentina form there! I just stayed and flew every single day! I had really good moments! Moments where you are “JUST RIGHT IN TIME” to be on the right spot! Perfect! I wanted to make a Infinit Tumble wherever I went and I could! It was my INFINIT year and I enjoyed it sometimes even nearly too long! But well, there is always a bit LUCK involved while you are “enjoying” or “not enjoying” life! Whatever! It was a good time in the end!

I finished my trip in Argentina. I went to Buenos Aires! Wow! For me it is like Paris of South America! It is great! Don’t know why they have a crisis because I did the best shopping ever there! … thanks Julie for your patience and your selling skills!

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