Vize World Champion of Acrobatic

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Just-Acro-Boogie-&-Canceled-Acromax & Some-Good-Moments

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Summertime – Holidays – No Studies – Freedom – Flying – good old/new Friends – Back to Gerlitzen! Xandi and Pal organized a cool event/Acroboogie/ for all acropilots and all people who love acrobatic flying. A good chance to fly safe over water, having fun, meeting good pilots and sharing good moments! The ALL TOGETHER FLIGHT was the most important – 84 pilots we managed for the last day! Nice being part of it! Thanx Xandi, Thanx Pal and all the others who made this happen!

The week after we had some relaxing days in Italy for the 2nd Worldcup in Gemona/Acromax! Unfortunately it was really too windy that the organization had to cancel it!

Again Gerlitzen for some more flying …

Here is the official video – so cool Pal – love it!

Here is another really nice video of the BOOGIE! Thanx Laisch:

Just Acro Link >> for more information

Queen of Brenta – Acrobatic World Cup

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Thanks for the nice competition “KING OF BRENTA”, the first Acro Worldcup of 2016 in Molveno in the heart of the Brenta Dolomites (Italy)! Weatherwise it was difficult again but we got told persistently “The best place for an acropilot is the Take off”! Well! I wish it would be not the take off rather the acrobox where we should be. Never mind! We had a funny time!

Thanks Niki for winning it! Love you!

Flying Olympia – World Air Games 2015 – Dubai

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FULL VERSION OF WAG – made by Nicole Schmidt … PRESS HERE

FAI PRESS TEAM VIDEO – video about myself in the WAG in Dubai … PRESS HERE

Nicole Schmidt The only female paragliding acro pilot in the FAI World Air Games is Nicole Schmidt from Germany.

Posted by FAI – World Air Sports Federation on Freitag, 4. Dezember 2015

Winning the World Cup 2015

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I started my studies in March! I had not much time to practice flying but I always found some minutes for some training! I am so lucky to study here so close to the flying spots! I can study till my head is full and after I jump in the car and I m off flying!

If you have a focus then it is easy to reach goals! Ok – easier! I could improve my flying and it is still so much fun to learn new things! I always thought I will stop after I know Infinit! But no! When I remember my first tandem flight in 2004 with Carlos, my spanish instructor, I said, I would love to control this FLYING-PLASTIC-BAG! Well, that’s what I still trying to do! I never thought of flying TWISTED, but that’s sort of CONTROL as well, no?! Well step by step – easy cheesy! I m a chicken in learning! For me it takes time to improve! I don’t want to be too crazy and I know if I respect my own time period of learning things I will be quite safe in learning even Twisted things! I m learning slow but maybe that is the reason why I never had a rescue with Acrobatic flying! But well that’s a way ever pilot when he/she starts to mingle in this sport has to decide his/herself! Unfortunately most of the pilots are way too fast! But WHO AM I to tell?

Anyway! I won both of the world cups in Italy! There were just 2! One in San Simone, Lago Cavazza near Gemona and a week later in Lago d’Orta in Omegna! I was not so happy with my runs but it was enough to win! But competition is competition! You are a bit nervous and you do strange mistakes! But well! It was fun! Specially the IN-BETWEEN-MOMENTS with nice friends! Thanks Beverly to come with me to VEREL to fly in little Organya with me! She is such a shy pilot and so good! She doesn’t need competitions! She will be always better in her way – and that’s why I like her!

This year I was not sure what I will do after the World Cup! I had some moments where I didn’t know what to do – more competition or shows or just leave?! But this crazy NOT-KNOWING-WHAT-I-WANT gave me time to think about it! Yes, I like competitions and I think it is quite a big part in my life! So I should stay and start thinking about how to change the ACROBATIC-WORLD in my own country, especially for girls! There are so many hidden talents so many hidden places so many hidden ideas! Years ago I joined really friendly and open-hearted comps (NO WORLD CUPS) where it was not interesting at all what maneuver you fly as long it was fun to join the community and to have fun! I miss these kind of comps and I think it would be great to work more on this side!

Comps are not over yet! I decided I will go to DUBAI for the world championship in December! Why not? It is all about experience and a OVERCOMING THING with the helicopter launching! AHHHHH! And – SORRY! I need better pics – photographers are more than welcome!

Again Ölideniz – Airgames 2014 and a bit longer

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Back in Paradise for another 10 days! Thank you Kadri for inviting us every year for the Airgame-Show!

Nice to share moments with the other pilots especially when I can share the new record for INFINITY with Beverly! She did 75 and some days later I did the same!

Some nice memories from 2012

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Finally … here is my new video!

Ölüdeniz Airgames 2012

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13rd – 26th of october

Before the Airgames started there was so nice weather, thermaling high up, flying in smooth conditions, nice altitude … always a beer waiting down at 6pm after the last flight (thanx Mar and Donder … my angels) … well then 4 days of rain watching and just one day before I went home … one more day of flying! Nice!

Swiss Summer Training

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Plans Changed! Found a Synchro partner, went to the first Synchro Comp in Swiss and decided to stay in Switzerland with Szasza to fly a bit more together. We went to fly in Mürren for few days, then I  followed her to Sonchaux Acro Show (she was part of the competition battle) and after that I went for a day to Verel (Chambery/France (little Organyà) till it was time to go for the last competition of the year in Annecy.

Acrojam 2012

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20 Pilots were competing in 3 flights in Obertraun/Krippenstein. I became 3rd place of woman and 14th overall.

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