Norway 2011 – Extremsportweek Voss

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10 days in Norway, Voss! Extremsportweek with Vertigo Voss Acro Paragliding Competition. Unfortunately the competition was canceled because of bad weather but at least I could do 2 Helicopter Drops. Well the second one was not so nice. I had some problems but landed safe in the water.

Well we still had a lot of fun. While raining you search for other activities like headover or backflip jumping into the river.


… Wednesday … My first Heli Drop:

EkstremsportVeko 2011 – Paragliding today’s video – wednesday from shams on Vimeo.

… Thursday … Riverjumping:

EkstremsportVeko 2011 – Paragliding today’s video – thursday from shams on Vimeo.

… Friday … Raft Landing Competition:

EkstremsportVeko 2011 – Paragliding today’s video – friday from shams on Vimeo.

IF YOU WANNA WATCH IT ALL: go to Vimeo or watch the BEST OF …

Best of Ekstremsportveko 2011 from Ingrid Spildo Film on Vimeo.


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